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Welcome to SPRING

Antenatal Classes

A child’s health starts in his or her mother’s womb. Pregnancy, labour and birth, and a newborn’s early days are joyful moments. However, these are delicate moments too, new mothers desperately want to do the best for their baby and are always full of doubts and questions.

What shall we deal with?

Pregnancy: things to keep in mind and useful habits to help foetal development and the mother’s well-being.

Birth: most mothers-to-be are quite apprehensive about giving birth. Midwives will explain in details what to expect because once you know something you won’t be as scared. An anaesthesiologist will also explain about the different pain relief options, so you’ll be able to make an informed choice.

Early days: the baby is here. What now? We will see what these early days are all about, together with a midwife but also with the doctors working in the hospital’s nursery and a family paediatrician. With a pedagogist , we will see how the new baby influences the parents’ live and will provide some advice on how to keep the family atmosphere peaceful and positive in order to start this big new adventure of raising a child in the best possible way.

What about dad? A child’s birth is not just women’s business. Fathers will play a big role, but sometimes men find the transition to fatherhood not quite as easy, especially in those frantic first days. Our pedagogist will provide you with a ‘No Panic Kit’ for the first three days and dads will learn how to be mum’s useful and competent teammates.

SPRING would like to thank:

  • the Scientific Coordinator of the course, Professor Giorgio Bentivoglio, Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Dr. Luca Ramenghi, Head of Neonatal Special Care
  • the head nurses, nurses and midwives of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • the parents who took part in the filming

Learn more


To get more information about pregnancy go to Gaslini’s website and explore the Percorso Nascita page.

Attention: some of the information in the videos, especially bureaucratic-organisational information, may be Gaslini-specific and differ from the requirements of other hospitals. Please contact your hospital to get the correct information for you. Remember to talk to your doctor and gynaecologist about your own experience.